Vivitar 365 Flashgun

Vivitar 365 Flashgun






If you thought the 283/285 was good here's the mother of all flashguns, the huge hammerhead Vivitar 365. A powerful gun offering a guide number of 48 (ISO100/M) and powered by 8 size C batteries. or optiona NC-4 NiCad pack. It can also be powered from the mains using the Vivitar SB-5 AC adaptor. It's an auto gun with 5 f/stops controlled by the RS-3 remote sensor. It has a bounce zoom head with 35mm, 50mm and 105mm settings and 0 to 90 degrees of bounce. This is just the flash gun. You will need a camera bracket, power pack and hvc-3 cable to connect the battery pack to the flash, and a RS-3 remote sensor and flash cable to operate it.


good for spares, or if you can get the parts needed as a powerful working pro sepc gun.



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