Nikon F-90x body with MB-10 battery pack 35mm camera

Nikon F-90x  body with MB-10 battery pack 35mm camera




35mm camera


F-90x body with MB-10 battery pack
Nikon F90X Professional SLR Camera
The Nikon F90x also known as the N90s in the USA was introduced in 1994 and was nikon's most advanced SLR to date. 4.1fps film advance, spot AF, =/- 5 exp compensation, TTL matrix metering, fully compatible with all Nikon lenses, past and present, 3d flash, wide area AF are some of the tempting features. Solid pro spec body too.

Nikon MB-10 Grip
The Nikon MB-10 is a battery grip that makes vertical shooting easier with ergonomic positioned second fully functional shutter release (with a lock)on the F90x and N90s. Takes four AA batteries. There's also a quicker way for battery loading, and two CR123 type lithium batteries can be used with the optional MS-11 battery tray. fits N90/F90 too


signs of wear around body, couple of ligth chips on pentaprism, scuffs here and there, works fine LCD clear no missing digits



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