Pro 4 Pro 4 Filter System Hood Filter holder

Pro 4 Pro 4 Filter System Hood Filter holder


Pro 4


Filter holder


Pro 4 Filter System Hood. Superb system that enables four filters to be used in quick succession. A must for wedding photographers where soft focus, vignettes, colour spots and warm ups can be switched in a fraction of a second. Accepts filters that are Cokin A series size - 67mm Square and is compatible with Cromatek adaptor rings. Many available here.

see the video of it in operation here: Pro 4 Hood


The plastic where the metal bar that holds one of the flaps clips in has widened slightly so the bar doesn't clip in tighly. As a result that flap slips out too easily. All it needs is a tiny strip of plastic gluing over to prevent the bar slipping out. Small job reflects the fantastic reducedprice!



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