Unbranded Fan 160B Flash Studio Lighting

Unbranded Fan 160B Flash Studio Lighting




Studio Lighting


Budget studio flash ideal for starter or used with built in slave as second/third head to complement an existing set up. Spec: Power Input: AC 110V 60HZ Max Output: 160 W/S Power Setting: 1/16 to Full Beam Width: 55" Color temp: 5600 K Fuse: 5A Dimensions: 4 in x 7.5 in Weight : 1.8 lbs Recharge: 0.5-3 sec GN: 120 ft ISO 100 Slave effective: 35ft Flash Duration: 1/1000 Modeling lamp: 75W Bulb Base: E-14 Sync Voltage: 5v Comes with flash sync lead with standard PC plug on end. Has a tripod / lighting stand mount with angle lock


Excellent condition in good working order with instruction manual


£40.00 (Sorry this item is out of stock)
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