Pentax ist D SLR (INFRARED) Digital Camera

Pentax ist D SLR (INFRARED) Digital Camera




Digital Camera


Converted Pentax ist D digital SLR camera to Infrared (so can only be used as creative infrared black & white camera) with 6 megapixel sensor delivering a 3008x2008 pixel image. The camera has a Pentax KAF mount and is compatible with older K and M fit manual lenses as well as the latest digital KA lenses. The ISO range is 200 to 1600 with 3200 offered as a custom function. There's a ±3.0EV exposure compensation in 0.5EV steps and a 2.6fps motor drive for up to 6 frames. Shutter speeds range from1/4000sec to 30sec. There are three JPG modes, TIFF and RAW and images are stored on a CompactFlash card Type I and Type II. The LCD on the back is 1.8 inch TFT. There are USB 1.1 and PAL / NTSC video output. It's powered by 4x AA sized batteries or 2x CR-V3 batteries. It was converted to Infrared by reputableADS


The camera is well used, but still in good working order.



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