Pentax S1 body with 55mm f/2.2 lens 35mm camera

Pentax S1 body with 55mm f/2.2 lens 35mm camera




35mm camera


The Pentax S1 body is a sold mechanical film SLR camera with a metal chassis. Very robust. Basically a K1000 with screw lens mount and slightly slwoer top speed of 1/500sec. The camera has manual exposure modes with shutter speeds from 1sec to 1/500sec. As its one of the very first 35mm film SLRs, certainly from pentax there's no electronics or exposure system/batteries. You can buy a dedicated add on meter or use a handheld meter. There isnt a flash shoe but one can be added. There's a sync socket for X and B type flash, and a tripod mount. The shutter button is threaded to accept a cable release for long exposures with the B-setting and there's a T setting. Good solid camera that's idea for student or traditionalist.


Overall shows signs of age and use - lightly marked baseplate, grubby around body. Most will clean up. Full working order. No fungus on lens., aperture blades free from oil.



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