BPM Canon FD female Bellows Interchangeable Mount

BPM Canon FD female  Bellows Interchangeable Mount


Canon FD lens adaptor with a female thread to attach a Canon FD system bayonet camera body to a set of BPM bellows.

Can be used to couple up any of the following Canon SLRs:
F series including Canon F-1, Canon FTb, Canon FTbn, Canon EF, Canon TLb, Canon TX, Canon F-1n, Canon F-1
A series including Canon AE-1, Canon AT-1, Canon A-1, Canon AV-1, Canon AE-1 Program and Canon AL-1
T series including Canon T50, Canon T70, Canon T80, Canon T90 and Canon T60


good (pic shows dusty one which will clean up)


£10.00 (IN STOCK: qty 10)
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