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Pre-Owned Photo Gear for sale

PhotographyAttic is an online retailer with a private collection of pre-owned Photo Gear for sale including second-hand cameras, lenses and other used photography equipment, and the largest collection of Hoyarex filters on the net. There is also a wide range of BPM bellows and mounts for sale. Altogether there are over 2000 pre-owned items split into:

📷 Camera Equipment Categories and 📷 Camera Brand Names.

You can buy used 35mm and digital cameras, lenses, square and round filters, adaptors, lens and body caps, studio lighting bits & bobs, cases, tripods, darkroom gear, vintage oddments, and rare photo accessories.

*** All the pre-owned photo gear is tested and working, unless stated ***

We also have a Photography blog with many articles, photo tips, camera techniques and gear guides to help you find the right camera gear and take better photos.

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