Reskin a Praktica for £1

Praktica with wood veneerYes you can give your old Praktica a new lease of life for just one quid.

There’s a growing trend to replace the leather/plastic trims on vintage cameras with fancy new wood veneers, posh patterned leathers or exotic animal skins. All options cost a fair few quid and usually mean you sending off for a mail order deal.

Here’s a way to give your old camera a new look for just one pound. Those who remember Blue Peter will be familiar with sticky back plastic which was used for hundreds of DIY projects. Today high street  Pound Stores are selling rolls of self adhesive patterned material for £1, and one option is this wood veneer.

Praktica being reskinned

All you need to do is remove the camera’s existing leather/plastic trim, use the trim as a template, cut out the new replacement from your roll, peel off the back and stick it in place. You can cover some books / furniture with the rest.

It won’t give the luxury feel of the leather products, so should not really be considered if you’re still using the camera regularly, but it does make an attractive cover if the camera is  to become an ornament.

Praktica display camera

If you prefer a high quality leather version check out this great article on recovering a Praktica MTL3.

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