Jessops Candid Angle Lens converter

Jessops  Candid Angle Lens converter




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Second hand Jessops Candid Angle Lens converter for sale

Used Jessop Candid Angle Lens attachment. This lens adaptor attaches to the front of your existing lens via a Series VII ring (available in sizes from 30.5mm up to 62mm) And has a 45 degree angle mirror and a hole in the side of the tube. The front looks like a lens so it appears that you are taking pictures ahead, when you are actually taking photos to your side. Used for candid photography. Can also be used for shooting low angle up wards shots for low level macro of flowers etc.


The photograph above is the actual pre-owned Jessops Candid Angle on offer for sale.


£20.00 (Sorry this Jessops Candid Angle is out of stock)
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