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Panagor Zoom Slide Duplicator Film accessory

Panagor Zoom Slide Duplicator Film accessory




Film accessory


Second hand Panagor Zoom Slide Duplicator Film accessory for sale.

Used High quality Japanese zoom slide duplicator that takes a T2 mount to attach it to any camera body. Has 1 to 2.5x magnification with precise locking focus tube. Ideal for digitising your slides using a DSLR. Designed for full frame so cameras with micro 4/3 or APS sensors will crop. The slide carrier /head can be moved left / right / up / down when zoomed for selective crop. And a flip down diffuser panel makes it easy to focus with it out of the way and clip it back up when ready to copy.


very good, with box and instruction manual
The photograph above is the actual Panagor Zoom Slide Duplicator I am selling.


£25.00 (IN STOCK: qty 1)
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