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Leica Visoflex III Viewfinder attachment

Leica Visoflex III Viewfinder attachment




Viewfinder attachment


Second hand Leica Visoflex III Viewfinder attachment for sale.

Used M-mount Visoflex III is a reflex attachement with interchangeable screen that can be used on any Leica M body to deliver reflex viewing. Features an adjustable release button that flips the Visoflex mirror and triggers the camera's shutter. There's also a setting knob for mirror up, and slow /rapid mirror flip action. And on the base is a standard 1/4in tripod bush.


clean condition, with no dings or marks. small traces of rust on inner mirror house...nothing serious
The photograph above is the actual Leica Visoflex III I am selling.


£100.00 (IN STOCK: qty 1)
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