Minolta Anglefinder Vn Viewfinder attachment

Minolta Anglefinder Vn Viewfinder attachment




Viewfinder attachment


Second hand Minolta Anglefinder Vn Viewfinder attachment for sale

Used Minolta Anglefinder VN is the perfect focusing aid as it enlarges the viewfinder image approximately 2 times.

Used to look through the viewfinder when the camera is in awkward viewing positions, including low or high viewpoints. The finder rotates on the mount to view from the top, sides or back for copy photography.

Selectable 1X or 2X magnification.

It fits all the Dynax film and digital SLR range including the Dynax 9, Dynax 7xi, Dynax 800si, Dynax 7000i as well as all the latest Sony Alpha c


very good with original box and case
The photograph above is the actual pre-owned Minolta Anglefinder Vn on offer for sale.


£79.00 (Sorry this Minolta Anglefinder Vn is out of stock)
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