Cromatek ProShade 2 Lens hood

Cromatek ProShade 2 Lens hood




Lens hood


Second hand Cromatek ProShade 2 Lens hood for sale

Used Cromatek ProShade 2 Professional Bellows Hood and Cromatek 75mm Square Matte Box Filter system holder. Ideal for film or digital cameras, 35mm, medium and large format. This 2nd version of the Proshade features an additional slot for Cromatek graduated filters and is covered when not in use. There's a lever added to eject the filter.


Very good condition, apart from bellows extension locking screw - original grub screw is missing and has been replaced with standard bolt screw, (which in one way is better as you can tighten really solidly with a screw driver)
The photograph above is the actual pre-owned Cromatek ProShade 2 on offer for sale.


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Bellows Hood
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