Hoyarex 921 Lens Shade Lens hood

Hoyarex 921 Lens Shade Lens hood




Lens hood


Second hand Hoyarex 921 Lens Shade Lens hood for sale

Used Hoyarex 921 Lens Shade. Professional zoom lens hood versatile multi hood for filter holder. Superb system that was overshadowed by Cokin. Filters are 75mm Square. See other listed items for filters and adaptors.


Common flaw with this hood is the outer folding segment has split and come detached from the main section could be patched with glue or tape. or ignored. If it splits completely you just lose the longer extension for long telephotos
The photograph above is the actual pre-owned Hoyarex 921 Lens Shade on offer for sale.


£3.00 (Sorry this Hoyarex 921 Lens Shade is out of stock)
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