Using a reversing ring

A reversing ring reverses an interchangeable lens on the camera body. One side has a camera body mount, the other side has a diameter the same size as the lens’ filter thread you intend to reverse.  A “Nikon AI to 55mm reversing ring” for example would allow a Nikon lens with a 55mm thread to be reversed on a Nikon body with an AI mount.

Reversing a lens makes it perform like a macro lens at a fraction of the cost.

To show the difference I mounted an Olympus 50mm Zuiko on an Olympus Micro 4/3 camera.

Olympus lens forward facing

I then attached a reverse ring to the front of the lens

Olympus lens with reversing ring

and turned it around to fit to the camera backwards.

Olympus lens reversed

I took a photo of breakfast cereal inside a plastic container with the lens in both the forward position

Forward lens photo

and the reversed position.

Photo taken with Olympus lens reversed

The lens was set to its closest setting of 0.45m for both photos. As you can see reversing the lens with a lens reverse ring allows much closer photographs to be taken.

I then took a series of photos with the lens reversed to show the type of photos you can take. Most of these are with the lens at maximum aperture so it gives a more creative effect with minimal sharp zone and lots of nice blurry backgrounds, like what you would achieve using a Lens baby .

close up of OM-10 exposure dial
Close up of OM-10 exposure dial with shallow depth of field.
Backlit photo of pens caps taken into the light to give the dreamy low contrast result.
Leica camera control taken at f1.8 to ensure shallow focus.
Takumar lens front taken with lens stopped down to f/5.6 to ensure a decent level of sharpness.
Glass chess piece
A glass chess piece with others in the background to give nice bokeh.

As you can see reversing a lens is a creative way to add options to your camera kit for low cost.

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