Nikon 6mm f/2.8 ultra rare fisheye lens

Nikkor fisheye lensBack in April 2012 Grays of Westminster sold the ultra rare Nikon 6mm f/2.8 fisheye lens for £100,000

The 220º Nikkor fisheye lens weighs 5.2kg, measures 171mm in length and has a diameter of 236mm. It’s one of the few 220º Nikkor fisheye lenses ever to be made.

Last week another one turned up on ebay : Nikon 6mm Fisheye on eBay

This one failed to reach the $49,500 dollar reserve (approx £30k), which compared with the previous sale price was an absolute bargain.

Even so is any lens really worth this kind of price tag?  Would you pay this kind of money for a lens?

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Where to sell you camera equipment?

Sell to dealer

harrison-cameras Harrison Cameras in Sheffield is an example of a great place to trade in your old camera.

You can take to a high street dealer who will give you a trade in valuation. The pawnbroker type shops, offer to buy all kinds of things from Golf clubs to Guitars so they do not have camera specialists in store. As a result it’s a bit of a gamble whether they will over or undervalue your gear. As a rule this kind of shop will offer you the least. Reputable camera dealers, such as Harrisons in Sheffield, will offer more. They usually know what the item is and have a better chance of selling at a higher resale value. But in both cases what you get will usually be about 25-40% of what the selling price is unless you trade in to get a better deal. So if a camera sells for £100 you’re likely to get between £25 and £40. The shop will then put it on show for sale for £80 to  £100 and give a 3 to 12 month guarantee.

Advantage to you is you get it off your hands without any hassle, but you may get a minimal amount for it.

Sell to local
Another option is to sell through local classified ad service either online or local paper advert. Use the eBay selling price to get an idea how much to ask.

Advantage you get a good price, disadvantage is you will have to let someone come to your house/workplace to view and you may get messed around.

eBay is the most successful online auction site
eBay is the most successful online auction site

Sell by Auction

Auction sites like eBay take this aspect out of the equation. You can charge for postage and can send the item to the buyer so there’s no direct contact. The auction route is a bit of a gamble. Sometimes you’ll get far more than you expected other times it will go for less than you hoped.

If you don’t know how much your item is worth check out our tips on finding out how much your camera is worth

Tips to find out how much your camera is worth?

Is your old 35mm camera worth much?
Is your old 35mm camera worth much?

You may have a camera or accessory you want to sell and don’t know how much it’s worth.

If you’ve inherited the equipment and don’t know what you have in front of you, use Google to search. Look for any identifying features on the item. If it’s a camera it will have a make and a model number. These are usually enough to help you track down the item.

When searching Google switch to search by images. This is the quickest way to pinpoint your gear. When you find a photo that looks like your item open and view the web page. look for descriptive words that tie in with what you have. Sometimes there are different versions of the same product. The Vivitar 283 flash, for example, has been made in three different countries. Leica, for example, had many variations of the same camera differentiated by the serial number.

When you find the exact description of your item switch to eBay. Search items for sale using the description you’ve researched. Then click on Show Only > Completed Listings to get an idea what your item has sold for recently.

Now you’re ready to sell see our article of selling tips